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Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya & Atfalul Ahmadiyya Australia



  • This portal allows you to pay your Chanda for the Majis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya & Majlis Atfal ul Ahmadiyya Australia.
  • Please contact your Qaid Majlis/Nazim Atfal to get your payment code.

The Chanda Rate (MKAA)

  • Khuddam annual chanda majlis rate is 1% of annual income.
  • Khuddam annual chanda ijtema is 3.5% of one month income paid once a year.
  • Chanda Ishaat is $1.5/month or $18.00/year

The Chanda Rate (MAAA)

  • Atfal annual chanda majlis rate is $55/year.
  • Atfal annual chanda ijtema is $15/year.
  • Chanda Ishaat is $5/year

MKA Australia Chanda Calculator

Please contact your Qaid Majlis/Nazim Atfal to get your member code.

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Pay with your bank account using Internet Banking. POLi is currently only available from Australia or New Zealand personal bank accounts when booking from country of origin. If you wish to use POLi, the amount due will be converted to either Australian (AUD) or New Zealand (NZD) dollars (based on the currency of the bank account).

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Payment Details

No payment details are stored on MKA AU servers, we use POLi Payments to collect and process payments. Using POLi payment, you can directly pay from your bank account.